THE BARN is a grocery outlet store which sells 95% discounted food, with a few staple items included for convenience.

We buy product that is close to its expiration date, so we have to sell it fast, which means price it low and watch it go!! You can fill a carriage (to the top!) for about $40 to $50, which means you can feed a family of 4 for very little money.

Sounds good, but what fills that carriage? Healthy name brands! We have something for everyone -- meat and potatoes, organics and gluten-free, pantry staples, party snacks, and sweet treats!

We have a full deli, a meat department, dairy items in our special "walk-through" cooler room, a freezer section, lots of organic produce, and a large grocery selection, with many organic and gluten-free items throughout the store. Stock up on your favorite items while we have them!

Items move quickly because our prices are MUCH lower than at a supermarket, and here's how we do it. Supermarkets print up newspaper sale ads several weeks in advance, and we don't. So we can buy bargains from grocery wholesalers all over New England at the last minute -- like 200 pounds of chicken that must be sold in 5 days! Or fruit pies that arrive 3 days before Thanksgiving!

We buy product from the same places that supermarkets do, and our inventory changes every day (as fast as we can unpack it!). Our regular customers stop in a few times a week to see what's new, but we usually have things for about a week before they sell out.

Some grocery items are slightly past the expiration date -- buy them with complete confidence, because we guarantee everything we sell! We have a 15-year history of making good food affordable to families, and we are proud of it! We are not a "scratch & dent" store and we do not buy food from other grocery stores -- only regional grocery wholesalers that service other supermarkets.

Want to learn more? Visit us on Facebook. Better yet, stop in and see how much fun you can have eating well AND saving money!

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