I heard THE BARN is a grocery outlet. What does that mean?

THE BARN sells national and private label brand foods at a discount. We do not have a full section of brands for each item, just the ones that we can offer you at a discount. Most importantly, the inventory changes every day, so if you find something you like, stock up! It may not be there on your next visit! Most items sell out within 2 weeks, and most perishable items sell out within 4-5 days.

How does THE BARN sell food for less than a supermarket?

Grocery wholesalers supply supermarkets with the products they need. Sometimes they order too much of one flavor, or sometimes the supermarkets don't sell as much as they thought they would, so that leaves excess product at the wholesaler's warehouse. We purchase this overstock product at a reduced price. Large supermarkets are not interested in buying product that they cannot keep for a long time or advertise, and they have to write their print ads several weeks in advance.

Does THE BARN accept credit cards?

Yes! Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), debit cards, cash, SNAP Food stamp benefits, traveler's checks, and personal checks approved by Telecheck (sorry – no commercial or starter checks). We also sell BARN Gift Cards that make a great gift! They are available in any denomination of $5.00 or more.

Does THE BARN accept manufacturer coupons?

No, but you really won't miss out because we offer savings every day on every item, and you can FILL a shopping carriage for less than $50!

Do you have to be a member to shop at THE BARN?

No – we are open to the public so everyone can benefit from the savings! We are not a club or warehouse store, and you will not see stacks of boxes piled to the ceiling like the big box stores. We are not a "scratch & dent" store either – all product is neatly organized on the shelves.

What day do you start your sale each week?

THE BARN does not run weekly "sale" prices like most supermarkets – we price items low every day, and we mark items down from there when we need more space on the shelves for new product. We do send out featured items each week to customers on our email list, but those prices are good for much longer than 7 days, or until the product sells out.

Do you limit the number of items a customer can buy?

Not usually. Right now we have a limit of 4 bags per customer on coffee, but that's only because it sells out so quickly. Many small business owners purchase food at THE BARN because our prices are much cheaper than they are from a wholesaler!

If some of the products you sell are after the sell by date, can I still shop at THE BARN with confidence?

Absolutely! We do sell some items after their product expiration date, as permitted by law. State and local health codes are important to us, as well as our own store standards! We are inspected by all the same agencies that inspect any other supermarket or food store, and we guarantee everything we sell! Here are some links to websites that offer information about the use of sell by dates and what they mean, so you can judge for yourself.

What organic food brands do you carry?

National brands like Annie's, Muir Glen, Imagine, Natural Directions, Seven Farms, Horizon, Barbara's, Back to Nature, and more! The selection changes every day, and we have perishable items, too!

Is there any product THE BARN will not sell?

Yes. We do not carry cigarettes, newspapers or magazines. We have a minimal selection of non-food items like pet food and household cleaners, because our primary focus in on food.

We are a company that wants THE BARN to carry our products. How do we approach you?

Send an email to and we will have a buyer contact you!

Does your store have an ATM if I need more cash?

No, but there are places that have them within ½ mile, and we have many banks within 2-3 miles of the store.

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